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Like many galleries, my gallery is organized with different rooms and wings. I did this first to satisfy the retentive-programmer side of me. But such an organization of images creates dilemmas of its own. In thinking out the design, some categories seemed obvious at first. But it quickly became apparent that while some pictures fit well into some categories, others did not fit so well, or even wanted to be in more than one. It all started to seem a bit arbitrary.

My solution was simple: supplant arbitrariness with capriciousness. Like a real gallery, you may well find the pictures arranged differently from the last time you visited. I'm sure I'll be fiddling and tinkering with the layout, and the site will never be done. Pictures will come, pictures will go, pictures will show up in more than one place. So, when looking through the pictures, the occasional feeling that you're lost or the sense of deja vu could very well be real. Or not.

So, to start your tour, click one of the links below. You don't need to go through the links in any particular order: while it's something like a walking lecture tour, you're allowed to hop around, jump queues and all that. No one will mind.

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