Dick Pierce
Photography at Broad Oak Studios

Welcome to my website in which you will find a number of the photographs I have taken over the last 30 years or so which I humbly present for your enjoyment.

While the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"* certainly rings true, I'll be talking a little about some of the images you'll see here. I'll talk about the circumstances of a picture, or what inspired a particular shot and, where appropriate (or even remembered), some of the technical details of the shot. Click the picture to enter the Gallery..

Dick Pierce
Broad Oak Studios
336 Broadway      Hanover, MA USA 02339

* The brave new world of the World Wide Web and digital images gives this old saying a physical literalness. Pictures, be they worthy of entire books or nothing more than a single utterance all take tens of thousands or more digital words to represent, so please be patient while the they find their way through the molasses we call the Internet.

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